Office Deli Combo Vending Machine Sussex, Nj $1200 (Deposit $700)


Used Office Deli machine is unique in that it vends entrées, snacks, and drinks, all in one. Sleek and compact in design, it offers an unparalleled variety of selections. It offers 16 snack selections, 14 entrée selections and 8 drink selections. It can vend bottles and cans of different heights and competing brand names. The Office Deli Refreshment Center improves productivity as it eliminates the need for employees to run out to local convenience stores for lunch or break time. 

This vending machine comes equipped with a dollar bill validator which accepts $1 & $5 bills. The coin changer which will accept nickels, dimes, and quarters, and will return change in coins. The Office Deli features a removable cooling unit. It is ruggedly built for high traffic indoor locations. The Office Deli uses over-sized motors and field-proven electronics and controls to ensure reliability. It has the capability to vend more than one selection per purchase. It is energy efficient, easy to use, and will be an attractive addition to your business.